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About Us

OpiniOwn.com is a community publication or social blog. A platform where independent thinkers can contribute and share ideas and opinions, we are a reader’s magazine, literally. We strive to create a safe place for those who have something unique to say.

OpiniOwn is a community of the beautiful minds, the curious people, the opinionated people. Pieces are tastefully curated so that we can represent a diverse set of views.

Our editorial team is unbiased on what opinions get selected for publication, as long as they are thought-provoking, original and not hateful. And yet, every piece published here is proof-read, fact-checked and carefully edited to ensure our readers find the same quality they expect from a publication written by professional journalists. But in some ways, it’s different – better – because it’s written by our generation’s thinkers and thought-trail-blazers – by you.

While today’s media suggests the world has become polarized and intolerant, we believe that the bright minds actually like to explore perspectives that are different from their own. Because what’s growth without learning unfamiliar ideas? OpiniOwn.com strives to be your go-to source for sharing and discovering original thoughts, (un)popular opinions and analyses, for whenever you want to get a drift of the next person’s views.

In a world where fresh outlooks are often lost in a clutter of mindless “forwards” and copy-cat ideas, OpiniOwn provides a platform for sharing new thoughts and intellectual fodder.

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Please contact our editorial team to send article submissions or topic suggestions for review.

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You can share this invitation page with your friend if you feel they have unique perspectives and their articles would make a great addition to OpiniOwn.com.


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OpiniOwn.com is a social publication., headquartered in Chennai, India. It is a part of Shilpa Ahuja Digital Media.