Topic Ideas for Articles | Opinion Blog Post Submissions

Looking for a place to voice your opinion and get published? Here are some easy topic ideas for articles both for experienced professionals and young student writers, as well as some tips on how to select a topic.

Topic Ideas for Articles | Opinion Blog Post Submissions

We at are accepting guest post submissions, opinion articles and unique perspectives. is a platform to read high quality content by a variety of readers from different backgrounds. You can read more about submitting guest articles here.

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Let’s go over some ideas & tips for choosing a topic for article writing.

Ideas for Niches & Sub-Genres to Write on

If you’d like to submit op-ed to, please consider one of the following niches that we have on our website:

  • Technology
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Politics
  • Society
  • Brands & Consumer Habits
  • Culture – Cinema, Art, Music or Books
  • Architecture & Travel
  • Hobbies, Sports
  • Lifestyle, Fashion & Luxury
  • Relationships
  • Environment
  • Parenting
  • Education & Career
  • Teens or Millennials
  • Wellness, Fitness and Mental health
  • Life philosophy
  • Feel free to write about a related area we may have missed out on this list.

Article Topic List

Here are some ideas that can make interesting articles:

  • Write about your personal opinions.
  • Write your perspective on a current news or event.
  • Share your views on society habits or media coverage of something.
  • Write your analysis of a trend.
  • Share your predictions for future.
  • Share the things people ignore or misunderstand.
  • What do you think of new things, generation or technology?
  • Insights from history that people haven’t noticed before.

There can be many more topic ideas for articles, depending on your interests, experiences and expertise. Read on.

How to Choose a Topic?

Choosing a topic is the easiest task for some writers and most difficult for others. If you’re stuck, here are some handy tips on how to select interesting topics for articles:

  1. Select something from your experience or expertise, which you can write about passionately, without even researching much.
  2. Personal opinions based on a short incident or recent experience can be a great idea for best short articles to read.
  3. Select current topics for article writing, and give your own perspective on them.
  4. Choose something that has deeply affected you or something you care about.
  5. Select something that people often say that you disagree with.
  6. Possible topic ideas for articles can be lifestyle, fashion, body image issues, religion/race/etc., movies, dating/relationships, (see the list above).
  7. Here are some article topics for students: college life, modern friendship, family, parents, education, career, etc.
  8. Go through the types of topics published on to get ideas & discuss with our editors for article topic suggestion based on your expertise, if you have any concerns.

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