Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

One fine afternoon during lunchtime, my husband called me up from his office, and began to tell me an idea he had come up with. “There is no formal platform for people to share their ideas,” he said, “not everyone has a blog like you. If I wanted to write just one article, there’s no place to post it, as the newspapers wouldn’t even read an amateur’s work, and it takes a lot of time to maintain a full-blown blog, and social media is too restrictive.”

So right he was! There was a clear lack of a platform where someone could just post a nicely written article. None of the social media platforms are truly meant for posting articulated, unique thoughts. There could be so many original ideas just lost in people’s heads just because they never found the right platform to share them, where they could reach the right audience. And this idea just struck a cord with me so quick that by dinnertime I had created OpiniOwn.com.

Some social media sites, by design, encourage you to reshare others’ content, instead of really articulating something original. If you do post something, it can soon get lost, never to be found again. Plus, their algorithm makes sure your content isn’t seen by everyone within your ‘reach’. Some time ago, Facebook’s pages became popular for this reason, where people could use them to create their own sort-of-blogs. But then it monetized those, so that even your own followers couldn’t see your content unless you paid to promote it.

So we created OpiniOwn.com, a people’s publication, where anyone could post an article. And this isn’t a social media platform – it’s a publication. We work with the authors to build their idea where necessary. We edit and re-edit articles, we communicate them through the right visuals, we promote them across our social media, so that the interested audience can find them even through years to come.

I’ve been a writer all my life, ever since I can remember writing. And so I know how satisfying it is to articulate or share a detailed idea. In fact, we at OpiniOwn.com believe that it’s a human need to share knowledge and ideas. Just like the ancient humans drew cave paintings. OpiniOwn.com is not just for the so-called elite or popular writers. It’s for all intellectual minds, anyone with a unique, original opinion.

Hope you enjoy not just reading OpiniOwn.com, but also writing for it!

Shilpa Ahuja