Article Submission Guidelines for Guest Authors

From submission to editing to publication, you can learn about our guest posting steps at here, along with article submission guidelines. is a community publication, or a readers’ magazine. We strive to be your go-to source for sharing and discovering original thoughts, (un)popular opinions and analyses. You can read more about getting published on here.

Before you submit your article, please go through our guest post submission guidelines.

Table of Contents:

  1. Article Submission & Editing Process
  2. Article Submission Steps for
  3. Op-Ed Pitch Example
  4. Article Submission Guidelines
  5. What We Will Do to Edit the Article
  6. Ideas for Niches & Sub-Genres to Write on
  7. Why & How to Write Your Author Bio
  8. What We Don’t Publish on
  9. Copyrights for Articles Submitted to OpiniOwn
  10. Where to Submit Op Eds?

1. Article Submission & Editing Process

We at take pride in maintaining high quality content despite having a pool of authors
from a variety of linguistic backgrounds. While inviting guest authors is easy, please understand that in order to maintain the journalistic integrity and quality of the content on, it takes us a lot of time and effort to select, guide and edit everything that is published here.

All submissions have to follow our submission procedure. How do you start writing an article? The first thing is to discuss your topic with us, along with a synopsis if possible. Guest authors are encouraged to submit a topic and/or synopsis first. We read all submissions within one week, and will contact you if your submission has been accepted.

2.  Article Submission Procedure for

Before we move on to our article submission guidelines, please read about the steps for article writing & submission here:

  • How to begin an article? Think up an idea that you’d like to write on based on the list given above.
  • Do a quick search on to make sure that your opinion isn’t something we’ve already
    exactly covered.
  • Submit your article, synopsis or a topic with a few ideas on the approach you’ll take. Send this to [email protected]. We’ll email you asap if it is approved.
  • Your article should be at least 400 words, and preferably between 1000-2000 words.
  • Here’s an example of an article.
  • We’ll edit and check the article for plagiarism and do fact-checking. Wait for it to be published.
  • In the event we’d like to make certain edits to it, we’ll email you with requested changes or an edited draft.

3. Op-Ed Pitch Example

Wondering how to submit an article? Here’s a sample pitch:

“Dear OpiniOwn Editor, I’d like to submit my article to your website. The topic is “Why Does the World Look so Politically Polarized Today?” This article will be about how, in the age of social media, we’ve somehow evolved from politically unbiased to intensely polarized. I’ll be discussing the reason for today’s political polarization and how it affects our society.”

4. Article Submission Guidelines

  1. You can only submit an opinion article (not a how-to).
  2. Content has to be 100% unique, original & exclusive. The copy shouldn’t have been published elsewhere, either online or in print.
  3. You have to choose a personal, unique opinion (you cannot plagiarize opinions) where you’ll discuss and make an argument for it.
  4. Your article will still be structured like this: Intro, body & text. It can be a listicle.
  5. Self-promotional blog posts are immediately rejected.
  6. The author should be an expert on the subject. Your post should show your authoritativeness and know-how.
  7. All sources have to be cited properly with link, date & name of author/publication.
  8. If you’re attaching images, please make sure they’re copyright-free or you have the copyright (we’ll need your & the photographer’s express permission to post them). We don’t accept images of private property or private citizens, unless accompanied with written consent.
  9. You can read our full guide on How to Write a Good Article.

5. What We Will Do to Edit the Article

  • We may edit the title to make it more attractive.
  • We’ll make structural and journalistic changes to the article to make it more understandable.
  • Adding phrases or sentences to drive the point or explain it better. And we’ll remove redundant words or phrases.
  • We may add examples or sources, where necessary.
  • Major changes, if any, will be done in consultation with the author.
  • We’ll make the article more search-friendly so people can find it easily on Google, etc. when searching for that topic.
  • We’ll make sure the article stays on topic throughout, and we may remove or move unnecessary
    sentences, as required.

6. Ideas for Niches & Sub-Genres to Write on

What are the best topics to write an article? If you’d like to submit op-ed to, please consider one of the following niches that we have on our website:

  • Technology
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Politics
  • Society
  • Brands & Consumer Habits
  • Culture – Cinema, Art, Music or Books
  • Lifestyle, Fashion & Luxury
  • You can find our full list of article writing topics and tips on topic selection here.

7. Author Bio

Why you need to submit an author bio? An author bio establishes trust with the reader, making them understand who is writing this article and why their views are relevant.

By showcasing your picture, name and contact email/Twitter, readers will understand that a real and experienced person has written it. Adding the details of your academic, personal and professional background helps to add credibility to the insights you’ve shared.

Article submission guidelines for author bio:

Author bio can be 100-200 words long. Please add the following information in it:

1. Full Name:
2. College(s) you graduated from (for bachelors & master’s/ PhD degree) and year graduated for each?
3. Your professional profile (city of origin, education, work experience, awards, publications etc.):
4. Briefly explain your work or experience:
5. Current designation:
6. Current organization & location:
7. City and country of origin:
8. Any hobbies/extra-curricular activities you pursue?
9. Website/ blog (if any) –
10. Please attach your recent (professional) picture, contact email address / Twitter / LinkedIn profile:

8. What We Don’t Publish on is not a place to advertise your product, service or company and our content is not meant to endorse such institutions. OpiniOwn is not the place to for baseless rants or spread negativity about people or events. We are also not a guidebook. Please refrain from submitting tips or how-to articles.


We don’t accept advertorials. Articles written primarily to advertise a product, company or institute will
be rejected. Please refrain from submitting articles with a biased view or those that promote a
product/service for commercial benefit. We don’t accept guest articles with external third-party links.

9. Copyrights for Articles Submitted to OpiniOwn

Knowing your rights is an important part of article submission guidelines for any magazine/newspaper. Please note that you own the creative rights to your work and it will be published under your name.

All submissions become the property of OpiniOwn. By submitting your work, you are granting us the Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0) that allows us to copy, redistribute, edit, re-purpose and build upon the material, as long as we credit you for the work.

This license helps us to make sure we have the right to delete, move, or edit submissions, in case their content somehow become illegal or violate our policies at any point in the future.

10. Where to Submit Op Eds?

Once your article is ready and meets the article submission guidelines, please email it to us. Send your article to [email protected].