How to Write a Good Article

Please note that opinion writing is a very intellectual task, as it needs analytical thinking, unique ideas, debate skills, etc. So writing this article is more difficult than what you may have written for school/college, personal social media posts or for your blogs. If you’re writing an opinion article for the first time, this experience will enrich your writing & thinking skills.

Article Guidelines: How to Write a Good Article for OpiniOwn

Choosing a Topic

  • Choose something unique to write about, which gives you a chance to express your opinion or reflect your unique knowledge.
  • Choose a topic that you’re best suited to write through your experience, profession or personal background.
  • Choose a topic that you feel our readers will benefit from. Or something that will add value to their lives.

How to Structure an Article: Article Writing Format

What are the rules of writing an article? Article writing features 3 sections:

  • Intro
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Make sure these are well-structured. Here are some how to write an article examples.

Article Writing Tips: How to Write a Good Article

  • Make your article easy-to-read. Use short sentences, simple words, and subheadings where possible or necessary. Remember – we have an international reader-base including all age-groups.
  • Feel free to share your personal opinions even if they are controversial.
  • Make your article helpful, positive, insightful and/or educational.
  • Avoid cliches.
  • Avoid writing tips or information that’s common knowledge. Write about things common people don’t know, which will make your article gripping and interesting.
  • Avoid abstract subjects or vague insights. Your points should be clear, crisp and authoritative.
  • Feel free to make it entertaining by adding your own experiences or funny tid-bits.
  • Refrain from hate speech, negativity, judgmental language or personal agenda/ads.

Here are some more tips:

  • You have to list sources to support your argument, or you can conduct interviews or add quotes either by celebrities, from social media or by people you know, to support your statement.
  • You can refute claims, bust myths, etc., as long as you accompany your argument with verifiable facts.
  • You can make it funny or serious – your choice. It should be interesting, not boring.
  • We don’t accept articles that make our readers feel dumb, or spread negativity about certain groups of people.
  • Link to credible sources if you’re quoting someone or something. Please make sure your argument is backed by verifiable facts (facts that can be looked up), where necessary. However, you can use your opinions to drive a point.
  • Want to give your own opinion on a topic we’ve already written about? That’s totally acceptable, as
    long as your article is something completely different, and will add on to the information.

Checklist Before Submitting Your Article:

  • A great way to edit an article is to read it out loud, and see if any of the sentences are a mouthful. If so, then break them up into shorter ones. Remove any phrases where you feel the information is repetitive.
  • And correct grammar, where required.
  • If your article is research based or on a common topic, you can check your article in one of the free
    plagiarism checker tools online to make sure none of your sentences seem plagiarized.
  • If you’re including any images, be sure to only include your own work or copyright-free images.
    Add your photo and a short bio that we’ll include with the article. We cannot add a guest article
    without an author bio.

Article Writing Guidelines

The guidelines are basically like how to write an article for a newspaper. You can read our guest post submission guidelines here.

If you have a draft ready, please email it to [email protected]